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24 June 2015 | Articles

Je Suis Phileas Stravinarius – I Am Phileas Stravinarius

I am a lover of wine, grapes and terroir since my childhood. I had the chance to follow my father, a French violinist, and my mother, an Italian critic of global wines, on their travels. These family trips offered me the opportunity to visit both renowned vineyards as well as undiscovered lands, and to meet incredible men and woman, and to hear their unique stories. I inherited from my parents a grave curiosity and a passion for wine, travel and music.

For over 20 years I have walked the vineyards around the world to discover the wines that best illustrate the region of origin, the variety, the winemaking method, the cultural practice or what is called the ‘terroir’, which defines the mysterious symbiosis of the vine with its soil and climate, enhanced by the hand of man.

Last year I undertook a years journey around the world in search of exceptional terroirs and winemakers, accompanied by two brave companions: It was myself, Gregory Castelli, a strategist and iconoclastic musician, as well as Emilio Zierock, an Italian biodynamic winemaker and Gerard Basset, world Champion Sommelier of all categories (Best Sommelier of the World from 2010 to 2013, Master of Wine, Decanter Man of the Year 2013, knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 2011). Together we had visited 25 countries, tasted more than 3000 wines and met with more than 500 wineries, as well as many important players in the wine sector. It was a great privilege to have had discovered and tasted all these great wines, and to have met such amazing winemakers on this exciting journey.

And with that rare privilege, I made it my mission to share my experiences with my friends and with all lovers of wine.


Thus was born Phileas Stravinarius Wine Club !

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