February Boxes: The Premier and Grand Cru Selections

12 February 2016 | Articles
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After presenting our AOC and Village boxes last week, it’s time to take a look at the delicious gems I’ve selected for the Premier Cru and Grand Cru boxes this month! As always, you will find incredible and complex wines here, ideal for wine enthusiasts, whether amateur connoisseurs or resolutely passionate about wine!

February Selections for the Premier Cru Box

Domaine André et Mireille Tissot – Sous la Tour Pinot Noir 2014

An exceptional wine, “Sous la Tour” is made from Pinot Noir vineyards on a magnificent, but tiny terroir, which makes it a rare expression of a Pinot Noir from the Jura region. With an impressive complexity of aromas, the nose is dominated by fragrances of red fruits and spices. Subtle and balanced, it seduced me with the elegance of its tannins and its pretty structure.

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Bob Dylan – Mr Tambourine Man

Subtle and balanced, this wine from Jura offers up delicious aromas of spice, and a full structure. This wine, characterized by the elegance of its tannins, calls to mind the intimate and delicate tone of this timeless classic from Bob Dylan, “Mr. Tambourine Man”.

Vins d’Orrance – Afrique du sud – Kama 2013

This single-varietal Chenin Blanc is a magnificent expression of the superb diversity of the terroirs in South Africa. An atypical Normand, having found success in African soils, Christophe Durant respects the work of nature above all else in his exceptional vineyards. A wine with finesse, this South African wine offers a new version of Chenin Blanc, dominated by exquisite flavors of exotic fruits.

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Spoek Mathambo – Punani

Kama, which means “pleasure” for Hindus, offers a new vision of Chenin Blanc, rich in aromas of exotic fruits, seductive on the palate with its harmony and rich texture. A wine to drink with Spoek Mathambo, a local artist also full of energy and surprises.

La sélection de février de la box GRAND CRU

Pousse d’Or – Santenay – Clos Tavannes 2013

With his exceptional vineyards, comprised solely of premier crus and grand crus, Patrick Landanger brilliantly transcribes all the complexity of Burgundian viticulture into his wines. This Clos Tavannes is no exception to the rule, and strikes a balance between delicateness, power, and rebellious tannins. A wine with beautiful maturity and a sumptuous finish.

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Kid Bombardos – I round the bend

Characterized by a subtle balance between delicateness and power, this wine reveals rebellious tannins and a nice maturity. These are adjectives often attributed to Bordeaux band Kid Bombardos, whose track “I round the bend” pairs perfectly with the fruity and toasty notes of this wine!

Bodega Chacra – Argentine – Chacra 55 2012

This unexpected single-varietal Pinot Noir is harvested from vines planted in 1955, the inspirations for the name of the blend. Very expressive, the nose is dominated by notes of ripe fruit and wild berries, with a beautiful touch of minerality. A wine with great aging potential, I especially appreciated the balance between the omnipresent fruit and soft tannins.

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Johnny Cash – I walk the line

An unexpected surprise, this Pinot Noir comes from vines planted in 1955. We look back to this era, therefore, to find a song both wild and delicate, with the potential to last: “I Walk the Line” by Johnny Cash. Let yourself be soothed by his velvety voice while enjoying the voluptuous tannins of this wine.

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